Beavies & Butthead ought to make an attempt at reading this post, which examines a claim from a tweeter who’s very confident our first Blue Ocean Event is many decades away, and who claims it can’t happen this year. The post proves 100% he is lying about this summer, question is more like, why?

Another interesting question is how many paid scientists make similar mistakes or intentional errors, because they’re so careless, lazy or determined to prove that we’re safe for at least 2 or 3 decades?

I recently brought a climate scientist from Bergen, Norway, where I was born, to silence after he admitted that his 100% linear logic, as published in Norwegian media, for why the 2D ice extent that had taken 40 years to reduce by half, would need another 40 years to go to zero, was likely wrong and too conservative, as he also admitted we should really be looking at 3D volume, where trends look a lot more dire.

I’ve explained to him, and tried with others, my point that it’s not up to him or me to choose between 2D extent and 3D volume of the ice, when estimating when it finally crashes. There’s a way sea ice works, and for that way it has a 3D body, swimming in the Arctic Ocean.

The problem of having one conservative and admittedly wrong scientist in one particular Scandinavian city wouldn’t be so bad, if he didn’t publish the official word on the ice situation in the national media, or if his sloppy science wasn’t also characteristic of the entire UN and its so–called Panel on Climate, the IPCC. For they also much prefer the far cosier and more slow–moving trends of 2D extent demise of the ice.

Why do they lie, or why do they “make all these stupid mistakes”? Well, it’s no longer a question of mere mistakes, when it repeats in assessment report after assessment report, often 7 or more years apart. Clearly, this is a waiting game, with huge profits involved for every new period of 7 years that everyone waits to see if they finally get it right. For we cannot close down the gas stations, the car sales and airports before they do.

Another benefit of making such mistakes, is young snotty self–proclaimed “Fact Checkers” like Beavies & Butthead here, will find their high-authority sloppy reports and quote them against people with real insight, whenever they want to publish a hastily researched so–called “Fact Check”. And see, they’ve debunked every resource person on climate change over the age of 25 in Extinction Rebellion! Easy.