Over the years a lot of people have criticised me for being too clear, and I now count Redditor Lostyourmarble among these.

I am done speaking of it.

Yes, we’re speaking of it, back and forth, and I find it both fascinating and interesting, as we seem to use words, both of us, but I’ll suggest that we do so for diametrically different reasons. Nevertheless, I’ll also suggest that it’s possible for us to speak of it, with each other, which I will demonstrate below.

I did not understand your post and you freaked out.

I totally get that people freak out when they understand what my posts are about, and that there is a causal link between them understanding it and subsequently finding themselves in a state of freakedoutness. You have the entire saga of civilised humans ending abruptly during the current or next presidential period because of what we did 3 generations ago and there’s nothing we or anyone can do about it anymore, who wouldn’t be freaked out about that or about posts about that. Being freaked out only means you’re a human.

It also lacked references and context.

If I’d myself been lured into an organisation called “Extinction Rebellion” by someone saying it’s just a brand name, it’s got nothing to do with the final extinction of our or related species due to global industrial civilisation, I’d prolly also freak out if I stumbled upon an exceedingly clear post spelling it out for everyone adding too much context and way too grim scientific references. It’s not what you want to see on any given Wednesday, trying to liven it up for the approaching weekend. Through Google Analytics I’ve actually been able to observe how entire decades of a certain gender characteristic more or less evade certain types of content, and with others suggesting that people around their prime years for giving birth to another human being tend to show ZERO interest for scientific and/or philosophical content of a certain nature. I think they’re right and that there actually is a causal link between the two. Then the references and context, really, is just rubbing it in, and making an already bad day even worse.

Post this on r/collapse. I don’t think rebels are protesting to just give up.

Totally, I can see now that my posting of a quote from a Tweet as well as the Tweet URL itself, providing further references and context, made it way too clear that this was related to our 12,000-year civilisation collapsing, and that with this exaggerated clarity the post might more properly belong in r/collapse, the 275,000-member community for “the potential” collapse of global civilisation. However, to my defence, I and many of my friends are X-Rebels, and the Rebellion is already spending a vast amount of time and resources planning its climate summit (COP26) presence in Glasgow where it intends to demand a grinding halt to abrupt global warming, something I’ve shown through context and scientific references to be impossible.

And by the way, the expert named and depicted in my Tweet got back to me on Twitter, wanting “to find out how we know that we are over a threshold”, stating “maybe we are”. He’s a “Mathematician turned climate scientist researching tipping points at the University of Exeter” according to his Twitter bio.

It’s an interesting conversation.