Arctic Sea Ice Volume 7-yr trailing average dove below 14,000 km³ for the first time on record on December 6.

Excerpt from On the Tragic:

Zapffe, the foremost existentialist philosopher from Norway, regards as ‘tragic’ our human over–equipped ability. Because of our ‘greatness’ as a species, we have longings, expectations and demands, that reality cannot fulfil. Man is a meaning–demanding being in a meaningless world. We may wander out into the physical stunning beauty of the mountainous fjord regions trembling with fear that there’s nothing there at all. All stunning beauty and no meaning. Just a massive indifference all over: Nature just doesn’t care. In fact, even the fjords and breathtaking slopes and mountains we grew up with or learned to love later, were put there by pure chance and geological processes. We are alone in Cosmos.

More specifically, Zapffe holds that our expansion to more and more and more of this tiny planet has to end in tragedy; in great unrest and plundering hordes and cannibalism. What can I say, he’s not wrong. Our ever–increased exercising of our abilities and wants already took us over the edge many decades ago, and maybe as early as 1941, when his masterpiece On the Tragic was published by Norway’s top publisher, Gyldendal. We triggered the complete loss of all ice on land and at sea, as well as the frozen ground known as permafrost. It’s a shame it had to end this way, with ‘6000 years of hopes and dreams’ being completely in vain. All of history, music, fine arts and philosophy: It was all for nought.

Be that as it may, say the UN, the EU, UK, US, China and the Davos Club of banksters & criminals. We just have to add some more windmills & solar panels. We can literally start thinking about fixing the problem, when the vast majority of people have finally come around to understanding that there is a problem. Nature has waited patiently for even the slowest of the slow to come around, they say, and now all we need is a Green New Deal and some windmills & solar panels. And these banksters & criminals even have their own league of ‘scientists’ who worry that a future Tipping Point might be passed, maybe in 2041, a full century after Peter Wessel Zapffe’s On the Tragic?

The Greenpilled observer says ENOUGH! Your fake science, fake timelines, fake optimism & fake narratives won’t save anyone this time, as now it’s no longer about perception, but physical realities, like how much longer can we expect to be able to harvest food grown in the real world, caught in the real world or hunted in the real world.

A 1000 gigatons of ice = 1000 km³ = 10 km x 10 km x 10 km. Remember 10 km is where planes fly. Loss of Arctic sea ice over the decades has been 10 such ice cubes, but perhaps more worrying is we’ve only got 13 more cubes to go. Loss of land ice from Greenland is only 5 cubes. Over a year, sea ice melt = 19 of these cubes. Calving from Greenland: 1/2 a cube. Net loss of GIS per year: 1/4 cube. Net loss of sea ice: 1/4 cube. Illustration by European Space Agency (ESA).

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