We Let This Ship Sail

The problem of virtue signalling and the “Every good cause is our top priority” failed approach Systemic xenophobia is a thing, and these days this thing is flying high, along with demands that ”we all” immediately express the seemingly only acceptable sentiment, namely that systemic xenophobia is ”the same” struggle as whatever the climate thing […]

Michael Moore Mainstreams Extinction Rebellion

I believe the big headline here is the mainstreaming of views and perspectives that have been around for a while already in what I would call the Dark Climate movement, and that they’re being mainstreamed precisely because we were right. Secondly, I love how you guys manage to pinpoint the mistakes made in the otherwise […]

Arctic Sea Ice Collapse Timelapse | Max to July 31st

everything will be all right …everything will turn out fine … It’s just a feelingI get sometimesA feelingSometimesAnd I get frightenedJust like youI get frightened tooBut it’s… No time for heartache(no no no) No time to run and hide(no no no) No time for breaking down(no no no) No time to cry Sometimes in the […]