Michael Moore Mainstreams Extinction Rebellion

I believe the big headline here is the mainstreaming of views and perspectives that have been around for a while already in what I would call the Dark Climate movement, and that they’re being mainstreamed precisely because we were right. Secondly, I love how you guys manage to pinpoint the mistakes made in the otherwise fine documentary, because, as I’m sure you know too, going through heaps of critique is a painful process, mentally, when you don’t know what criticism is fair and what’s reflexive and knee-jerk dismissal, based in feelings, moneyed interests and often self-preservation.

No source is of course perfect (present YouTube channel excepted!), and I think you’ll find one source used, Deep Green Resistance, has a few flaws having to do with overpopulation (which they believe is a far-right concept only, because in their view it’s ONLY about better wealth-distribution among homo saps) and with e.g. Greta Thunberg (the “someone is using her” BS that never goes away, mostly because people WANT to believe she’s a fraud).

So in summary, ‘Planet of the Humans’ does a great job to reorient the map to where we really are. As a life-long orienteerer and nature walker, I know how crucial it is to know where you are on the map, in order to get where you want from that spot. And the truth is we’re in a very DARK place, and whether or not we get to a better place from that dark place, our journey has to start with reorienting that darn map.

I think the key source of confusion for the many, is the overwhelming Business As Usual mindset of our elected polluticians. How can this crisis be for real, when polluticians never closed a single road, let alone a big city, to combat its emissions? The whole climate thing must be a fraud, right? Well, guess what, turns out the polluticians were the frauds.

Who wouldda thunk.

Exhibit A: Jennifer & Sandy’s YT ‘What Road Are We Humans On?- Planet of the Humans -discussion’

Exhibit B: Michael Moore talks to Clare Farrell of Extinction Rebellion