Arctic Sea Ice Volume 5-yr trailing average dove below 13,600 km³ for the first time on record last August 18.

Excerpt from On the Tragic:

A 1000 gigatons of ice = 1000 km³ = 10 km x 10 km x 10 km. Remember 10 km is where planes fly. Loss of Arctic sea ice over the decades has been 10 such ice cubes, but perhaps more worrying is we’ve only got 13 more cubes to go. Loss of land ice from Greenland is only 5 cubes. Over a year, sea ice melt = 19 of these cubes. Calving from Greenland: 1/2 a cube. Net loss of GIS per year: 1/4 cube. Net loss of sea ice: 1/4 cube. Illustration by European Space Agency (ESA).

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