Annual Average Sea Ice Extent

The 365–day running average for sea ice extent is now lower than 9.87 million km² and dropping by about 45 thousand km² per month. The prognosis suggests 2019 may go lowest on record for all–year average. Due in large part to ongoing Collapse of Arctic Sea Ice our Frozen Earth is Going South.

2019 Qualified for 2nd Lowest on August 27 | Arctic Sea Ice Volume

5 days before August was over, daily Arctic sea ice volume was already lower than the September minimums of 39 years; 1979–2011 + 2013–18, with about 20 more melt days to go. 2019 Melt Season average is 2nd lowest. Ten–Year Trend though, is still very stubbornly all–time low. Due in large part to ongoing Collapse …