The Year–To–Date average volume is still 2nd lowest for sea ice in the Arctic. Our last target is record low 2017. Note also that the 2000s average is still not below the 21k upper edge, while this year’s at 16.7. That’s climate change for ya.

Q: Where’s the data source for this plot?
A: Here: arctic-sea-ice-volume-for-july-2019-from-piomas/
Q: How can anyone make a year-to-date average graph?
A: Easy. Use a computer. Add all the ice for every day so far this year, divide by the number of days.
Q: Why would I even do that?
A: Let’s say you want to know how much ice we have in 2019 compared to other years.

Due in large part to ongoing Collapse of Arctic Sea Ice our Frozen Earth is Going South.