Ambivalent about the Green New Deal? Here’s a deal that is coming anyway, no matter what you vote. No matter what you eat, wear, think or drive, the Abrupt Green New Deal is on the horizon near you.

Talking South episode 6 on the Green New Deal.

We’re all familiar with the term ‘climate change’, and online encyclopaedias even provide definitions:

The most general definition of climate change is a change in the statistical properties (principally its mean and spread) of the climate system when considered over long periods of time, regardless of cause.


Its more hip & happening younger cousin ‘abrupt climate change’ is maybe not so familiar:

An abrupt climate change occurs when the climate system is forced to transition to a new climate state at a rate that is determined by the climate system energy-balance, and which is more rapid than the rate of change of the external forcing.


In similar manner we may define the new hot potato in the political Anglosphere:

The Green New Deal (GND) is a proposed United States economic stimulus package that aims to address climate change and economic inequality.


The Abrupt Green New Deal

The Abrupt Green New Deal is very different from this partisan, single–national and support dependent proposal. Call it an indecent proposal if you will, for it presents itself without even proposing that you go along with it. It will just be, and you’ll be like: WTF. It’ll be BOE & sorry, no groceries. No milk today. It won’t be backed by Congress or the Senate. It will just be. Just like abrupt climate change is. It might have been a time for celebration of equal pay (as there’ll be no more paid jobs), complete stop to all pipeline projects, abandonment of the tar sands, closedown of coal mines and oil & gas fields, return of land to the Indians, the return of all troops, and the final end to the Trump presidency, if it wasn’t for the fact you ran out of food. And potable water. Plus the toilets stopped working. And what’s that noise from the outside?

Due in large part to ongoing Collapse of Arctic Sea Ice our Frozen Earth is Going South.