Just Another Graph — Nothing To See Here

Everyone seems to be treating this one like ‘just another graph’, and did you hear what some president said last night. It’s not just some graph, and if you choose to read on, you will even know why.

Q: Where’s the data source for this plot?
A: Here: http://psc.apl.uw.edu/research/projects/arctic-sea-ice-volume-anomaly/data/
Q: How can anyone make a decadal average graph?
A: Easy. Use a computer. Add all the ice for the latest 3650 days, divide by that number of days.
Q: Why would I even do that?
A: Let’s say you want to know how much ice we have in the latest decade compared to the decades before that.
  1. XR says we have 11 years to avoid crossing key climate tipping points: We don’t.
  2. Debt Jubilee Collapse planners say a planned collapse can avoid triggering key climate tipping points: It can’t.
  3. Dr Sid Smith says we have max 10 years to avoid crossing key climate tipping points: We don’t.

Why not? Because we already crossed the key ice–climate tipping point decades ago.

This graph proves that. And Arctic sea ice is only the first element to go. We triggered that collapse, and in turn it will trigger all the other ice & permafrost collapses we need, in order to get to runaway warming, biocollapse, omnicide or whatever term you prefer or are most afraid of.

What you got above are three flavours of hope for the future — one of them branded as “enjoying the end of the world” — which all gamble on there being a FUTURE tipping point that we shouldn’t cross, and that this tipping point is not what we see in the REAR–VIEW mirror.

But that is exactly what we are looking at when we see this graph: A tipping point gone by.

I don’t expect ordinary people to understand what they do not like to hear, but I do expect scientists & researchers worth their salt to understand this.