6 Million Killed Every 3 Days

Covering climate & sea ice collapse every single day for a 1000 days may seem somewhat strange, or manic or obsessive, to some. But if there is a significant chance that 7 Billion people will die — leaving only One Billion humans by the time those 7 Billions are offed — because of this, don’t you think that merits a 1000 days of close coverage?

If you do the absurd numbers of losing 7 Billion humans by the end of the next decade — that’s 7 Billion excess deaths by the end of 2029 — which is not unlikely when we lose global civilisation because of our collective brain damage, your thoughts will undoubtedly go to the Holocaust of 6 million people during the 2nd World War.

Now, what if your calculator told you that 6 million people would be killed every 3 days?

Another WW2 Holocaust every 3 days would of course “only” be the average kill rate, as spread out over a decade. The actual kill rate per day will be WAY higher. Many orders of magnitude higher.

So, if nothing else, I hope you sort of will be able to begin to understand why I and many other people are so worked up about the ice, and why I’ve chosen to cover it every day for a thousand days. It’s the biggest story in all of human history, and likely in all of planetary history, as these global civilisation collapses do not happen every day on a planet. The brutal Holocaust of 6 million humans every 3 days, not to mention the die–off of every other species of plant & animal, is kind of a big deal, and we need to give it some ink.

Now there’s only 250 days left of those 1000 days. Time flies!